The Mystery Mist

St. Kevin's National School, Tara Hill, Gorey, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 12 October 2021

Bridget was not having a good day because she was getting bullied at school again.

She was also upset because she couldn’t stop thinking about her best friend, Rigu, leading their town, The Spring Oasis. 

Bridget was tall with brown hair and dark eyes and Rigu was wearing her typical space buns.

While Bridget had dark power, no one knew about it.

Rigu was destined to lead their town but all she wanted to was to explore the outside world. 

Bridget came home in a quiet rage and Rigu decided to give her some space as she went up to her room. 

Later on, Rigu went upstairs to ask Bridget to help with her homework.When she went into the room, she saw the window open but Bridget wasn’t there. 

Bridget had a secret treehouse and before Rigu could go in, she saw a trail of dark mist with strong colors of grey and black.

Suddenly, black smoke started filling the room. 

“Bridget what is going on,” shouted Rigu through the mist. 

The mist got denser and Rigu couldn’t see.

As she found her way to the window she saw a little glow inside the treehouse. As Rigu stared at the glowing, the mist began to crawl at her ankles...