Nannyzilla’s Quest For The Missing Ingredients That Are Magic

Our Lady of Victories Boys National School, Ballymun Road, 5th & 6th Class, 25th May 2015
Nannyzilla woke up one day and looked in the fridge to see if there were ingredients for a cake. 

When she opened the fridge, she was convinced that 00-Capped Secret Agent had stolen them. 

Nannyzilla saw 00-Capped Secret Agent in the garden. She went back in to her house to call Larry Longhead, her best friend.

She told him to come down to help. She needed to get the special cake ingredients to stop her turning into Giant Nannyzilla.

​Nannyzilla had been busy watching The X Factor before she opened the fridge.

Her favourite contestant lost and she got very upset. She screamed so loud she turned into Giant Nannyzilla. 

She became so huge that the house almost exploded from the gas pipe. 

“I. want. REVENGE!” she yelled...