Nathaniel's Trip to the Moon

Rathmichael School, Shankill, 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 14 September  2021

My name is Nathaniel and I can shoot melted cheese out of my hands.

I am working in the cheese section of McDonalds, shooting melted cheese onto all of the Big Macs.

One of my best friends, Senor Cracker, has a cheese and cracker cart outside of McDonalds.

I had a good idea to go out to his cart and get some crackers for my new Cracker Burger.
“When I was walking out the door to get to your cart, I bumped into my boss, Mr. Crabbs,” said Nathaniel.

“He was looking for someone to sample the new burger that he can shoot out of his hands.”Senor Cracker laughed, “another burger?”

“Back to work you two,” Mr. Crabbs said casually.

Suddenly, Mr. Grater lands in his cheeseship that looked exactly like a grater outside of McDonalds.

He walks over to his two best friends and says, “sorry I’m late for work.” Senor Cracker and I began to cough because of the cheesy fumes.

“Will you both come with me?” asks Mr. Grater. “I want to steal all of the cheese on earth to fuel my cheeseship to take me all the way to the moon so I can throw a party.

The moon is made of cheese and we could have a never ending supply of cheese.”

Senor Cracker and I are shocked and in disbelief.

We laugh at him until his shiny cheese grater face turns red and Mr. Grater turns mean...