Nerd Life

Scoil Fhursa, Kilmore West, 3rd/4th Class, 19th May 2009
Once there was a geek, in a town called Ancient Geeks, who had a friend called George.  They were in a hippy club.  The geek’s name was Mr Goofy. 

He left the hippy club because his mam, who he’s scared of, called him and then he ran up to his bedroom.

Mr Goofy was scared of his mam because she sent him to Bible camp.  He hid under the bed, picking his nose. 

Mr Goofy’s friend George was the leader of the hippy club. George was worried about Mr Goofy and was afraid he would have a nervous breakdown. 

Mr Goofy, who was still under his bed, fainted because he saw his mam, who had come in his room with a red face.

George got a call and fell out the window of the hippy club.  He climbed up the side of the house and got in the window to help Mr Goofy.

Mr Goofy’s mam scared George and he fell out the window again.  Mr. Goofy woke up and saw George falling out the window. Mr  Goofy ran after George and they fell out the window together.  They fell on the grass. 

One year later, Mr Goofy became a football star for Ireland. He helped Ireland win the World Cup against England. George became a mad scientist.  George made an incredible monster called Georgenstein. 
Mr Goofy’s mam got struck by lightning and became really nice to him.

Mr Goofy thought she went mad.  He thought it was crazy.  He thought he was having a dream...