The New Superhero

St. Patrick's JNS, Blanchardstown, 2nd Class, 04/05/10
There is a Superhero called Butterfly Girl who rarely ever goes out to town. She has a long purple and red cape.

She has a green mask. She can shoot nectar from her hands. She’s in a giant beehive.

The Ogre is in town.

Everyone in town is afraid of the Ogre and they want her to be the Superhero.

Her greatest fear is the Ogre. He is destroying the town and wants to take over the world.

The scientist in the town made a magic potion to grow people bigger and the witch stole it and fooled the Ogre, who was once a builder, into taking it and that’s why he’s huge.

The Ogre is stealing children.

The Globetrotter saw the man changing into the Ogre using his invisibility powers. He felt sorry for him.

Now he is in the basketball court and he sees the Ogre crushing the buildings and grabbing the children. The townspeople scream for help.

They stomp on the ground and the magic squirrels come in.

The squirrels arrive at the beehive and tell the Superhero what’s going on.

The Globetrotter arrives…