Ninja Baby and Crazy Baby

Harold School, Glasthule. 1st Class. 26th January 2010
Crazy Baby is in a magic bookshelf.  His best friend, Ninja Baby, is in the bookshelf too.

“Let’s wish we could go to the disco,” says Ninja Baby.

They see a book with a picture of a disco in it.

“Let’s go into the book!’ says Crazy Baby.

They go into the book.  There is a disco in the book.

“Wow!” they both say, as they get sucked into the book.  “Let’s get this party started!”

They are covered in paint when they go into the book.  They are part of the pictures in the book.

Suddenly, the book falls off the shelf. 

“Agggghhhhhhhhh!  It’s an earthquake,” screams Crazy Baby.  “I’m too young to die!  We need to get out of here!”

Ninja Baby tries to ninja kick his way out of the book.  It is too hard.


The book falls on the ground.  Crazy Baby and Ninja Baby fall out of the book.  Luckily, they land on a pillow.

They bounce off the pillow and fly up towards the shelf.  When they open their eyes, they are in another book.  They look around and see that they are in a book about….