Ninja Master with a Bad Back

Catherine McAuley National School, Baggot Street, 3rd Class, 30 April 2019

Leah the Granny Ninja woke up. Alex the Lizard, her best friend was at the end of her bed.

Alex gave Leah a dirty look. He said, “Why did you wake me up?”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to!” replied Leah. “It’s time to wake up anyway. We have an adventure to go on.”

Alex did a back flip off the bed. “C’mon!” he said. “We have to go.”

“Wow you’re energetic!” Leah said.

Leah had been a ninja for a long time but you have to train your whole life to become a Ninja Master.

This adventure was her final journey so that she could retire. She had a bad back.

Leah packed up their equipment, weapons and their tent.

Alex only needed a small suit because he was a lizard.

They walked for a couple of hours and reached the port.

Leah and Alex stowed away on a cruise ship so that they could hide their weapons.

Alex got sea sick on the journey.

The ship arrived in Singapore.

Alex and Leah rented a dragon to travel to the Ninja Mountain.

They climbed up the mountain but the Dark Evil Ninja and his seven ninja servants got up there before them . . .