Ninja Toilet

Scoil Mhuire, Griffith Avenue, 2nd/3rd Class, 27 June 2011
Once upon a time in China there was a toilet called 62401. One day he was playing with his best friend, Tim the Penguin.

They liked to play football and basketball.  

Suddenly, it started to snow. He froze, but Tim the Penguin helped to get him inside his house.  When 62401 warmed up, he showed Tim how to fight.

“You’re such a brave warrior!” Tim said.

62401 said, “I’m not afraid of anything! Except teddy bears, that is.”

At that very moment, 62401 and Tim were attacked by a gang of teddy bears who burst out of the drain. 62401 was so scared he froze again and Tim had to protect him.

Tim tried to take the sword from 62401, but it snapped because of the ice. He threw half of the broken sword at the wall and it bounced off and hit some of the teddy bears.

With the other half of the sword, he freed 62401 again and they tried to escape by running to James Bond’s house...