The Nugget Fry

Holy Family National School, Dun Laoghaire, 4th Class, 9 October 2019

Once upon a time in a fearful McDonald’s, there was a chicken nugget and a French fry – Mr Chicken Nugget and Mr French Fry.

They were both trying not to be eaten. Mr Chicken Nugget and Mr French Fry were even friends and they were the biggest heroes.

In the McDonald’s there was a bully called BBQ Sauce.

Mr Chicken Nugget and Mr French Fry wished to be dipped in barbecue sauce, but they both said they wanted to get dipped in ketchup.

Mr Chicken Nugget and Mr Frency Fry had a friend called Mrs Chocolate Milk Shake.

She got taken away by the Barbecue Gang!

In their room, the two friends had a picture of Mrs Chocolate Milk Shake.

They made a plan to get her back because they are both heroes.

The plan was for Mr Chicken Nugget to sneak up to the Barbecue Gang and distract them while Mr French Fry got Mrs Chocolate Milk Shake back.

Mr Chicken Nugget and Mr French Fry walked up to the volcano room and they asked for help from the kids’ toys.

The kids’ toys said yes.

Mr Chicken Nugget and Mr. French Fry went up to the sacrifice room...