Odd adventures

Wicklow ETNS, 3rd class, 1st May 2018

Once upon a time, Jeff the unichick fish went for lunch in McDonalds.

The waiter in McDonalds was a flying llama named Mrs Percy.

When Jeff was eating his chips he got a glimpse of some ice cream.

It turned out to be his nemesis, Icy the ice cream dragon.

Jeff was about to stand up and shout at Icy when Tony, an ostrich with a blueberry body sat down next to him.

“Who are you?” said Jeff.

“Hallo mate – how are you? I am Tony. Don’t go shouting at Icy.

He is tough.

He will probably rip you apart with his ice cream cone claws”. “Maybe we should get out of here” Jeff said.

They went outside and got into their Lamborghini.

Just then they saw a dabbing pineapple cross the road and a car was heading straight for him…