The Olympic Challenge

Citywise, Jobstown, Tallaght, 12th June 2012
It was a nice sunny day in the kitchen. Ben had just woken up from his afternoon nap.

Ben is a clumsy purple banana who gets lots of bruises. He had just been dreaming about winning the Banana Olympics and rubbing it into Oscar the annoying Orange’s face.

His best friend, Brian, a blue apple, had woken up Ben to tell him about his new top hat and monocle.  He said to Brian, “I like the new tophat. It suits you.”
Brian said, “Thank you, my delightful friend! That is ever so kind of you.”

“Guess what! I just had a dream about Oscar losing the Olympics to me, after he won it four years ago by cheating,” said Ben.

“Oh my goodness!” replied Brian, sipping his tea with his pinky raised high. “What a coincidence, I just saw in the newspaper that you got into the Olympics for the first time in eight years.”

Ben choked on his toast, coughing, and spraying the toast into his friends tea.
“You know I don’t like when you joke that way-”

Just then, Oscar interrupted them, jogging in wearing his best Adidas tracksuit that says ‘I heart the Olympics’.

He jumped up on the fruit bowl and lifted Ben up and down like a set of weights!

“Let me down, you annoying filthy Orange! I challenge you to the Olympics...”