One Frog, One Dream

Scoil San Seamuis CBS, Dublin 8. 4th Class. Illustrations by Isadora Epstein.
One day when walking in the rainforest, John-Paul the flying frog took a wrong turn and ended up in the city.

As he was looking around he bumped into a piece of cake, knocking off some of her crumbs.

“Sorry,” said John-Paul.

“It’s okay,” replied the cake.

After a few minutes of chatting she told him her name was Nancy.  She asked him if he wanted to go to the ballet.

Avoiding human feet, they made their way to the theatre.

They watched the performance and John-Paul noticed a beautiful girl frog ballerina.

She was wearing a Man United kit and had ears like Wayne Rooney.

He turned to Nancy and said “I want to join the ballet.”

“You will look stupid in a tutu,” said Nancy.



John-Paul explained that he used to do ballet, but quit because his dad was his instructor and always gave him a hard time.

Nancy said, “Is that your dad there?”

John-Paul noticed for the first time that his dad was instructing this ballet class…