One Tough Decision

Plas Mhuire, 5th/6th Street, Dorset Street, 29th April 2009
Chapter One
One day a footballer named Frank was in KFC getting chicken.  A manager came and took his chicken and ran away and shouted back, “Follow me!”

Frank replied, “I have no choice.”

A leprechaun called Mc Gurkan was dancing and accidentally kicked the manager in the leg, tripping him up. “I don’t like you,” said the manager.

The leprehaun responded by farting with his tongue.

Frank caught the manager and shouted at him, “I want my chicken back! Get you’re own chicken.”
The manager told him, “I’m sorry. I just wanted you to follow me to the homeground because I want you to play for KFC FC.”

“Thank you for tripping the manager up, I wouldn’t have caught him if you weren’t dancing. Keep on dancing little boy,” said Frank.

“I’m not a little boy, I’m a leprechaun.  Can’t you see the facial hair?” said the leprechaun.

Chapter Two

Two weeks later Frank was starting his first match for KFC FC and scored a free kick.

After the match Frank said to the manager, “My desire is to play for Dublin Rocks FC.” The manager said, “I can get you there if you do me one favour. Get your leprechaun friend to help us win the league with his magic.”....