Oranges Aren’t So Lucky

St Brigids’s Girls National School, Glasnevin, 6th Class, 25 September 2019

My name is Jeff the Orange and my life is very crazy.

Right now I’m drinking orange juice. Tomorrow I’m going to a fruit school where I shall meet Kasey the Kiwi.

I’m walking home with Mr. Abs the Crab. I really hope I don’t see Abdul the Camel because he’s really mean.

He’s trying to steal Kasey the Kiwi from me. She’s the love of my life.

Kasey the Kiwi falls. But luckily I’m there just in time to catch her. I look into her beautiful green eyes. Then I drop her and run.

There is too much tension to handle. I then look behind my shoulder and there is a spider.

The spider tries to suck all the orange juice out of me. I roll away in fright.

Abdul the Camel stops me and he has Kasey the Kiwi with him. He spits in my eye and then hops away.

My friend Mr Abs the Crab helps me up. He asks, “What happened?”

I tell him everything that happened and he laughs a bit and then asks, “Are you okay?”

I said “Yes” and he carries me home on his back.

Then my alarm clock goes off. It is just a dream and I was late for school. It would be faster to roll to school than run.

Suddenly when I was rolling to school, I saw a Tropicana van and it tried to take me away.

Luckily, Kasey the Kiwi rolled me away.

Then I rolled into Abdul. He stood on me and I shouted, “Oh, no, I must’ve squished a pip!”

I had to go to the hospital. Ms. Petunia the principal will be very angry at me...