Panta’s Christmas Disaster

Alexandra College Junior School, 6th class, 22nd November 2021

“I hate Christmas! I’m going to rule the world and destroy Christmas for everyone. It’s the worst time of the year. 

It’s not fair! He gets everything! Everyone always forgets Panta.” 

Suddenly the Princh appears in a cloud of snow. “Panta, you seem a bit worried.

Are you alright?” the Princh said with concern in his voice. 

“I’m going to go to the North Pole and steal all the presents,” said Panta. 

Panta walked out of the door and said, “I’m going to go to the North Pole right now!”

The Princh said, “No! That’s impossible! You don’t even have a sleigh!”

“Who said I don’t have a sleigh?” he said, slyly...