Pebbles and the Enchantress of Doom

Gaelscoil  Phortlaoise 4th Class, Fighting Words Laois, 18 May 2021

Do you believe in magic? Then come on a journey with us.

We were going on a fun journey with Pebbles the Puppy. Pebbles can fly and he can disappear when he wants to!!

He can fly really fast. He has a best friend called Jeffrey the Frog who can turn into a dragon when he sees danger, but he is afraid of water!

Jeffrey the frog was cursed when he drank a potion from the  dark Enchantress, and now he has turned into stone.

He needs ancient spring water to turn himself back.

Pebbles barks to the dark Enchantress “I don’t want to fight. I just want my friend Jeffrey back”.

“If you solve the following  riddle” replied the Enchantress.

“What has no hands, no legs and a face?”

Pebble thinks…..he goes to another hurler - Woody - for help.

Woody thinks Pebbles is very silly for not knowing the answer, and playfully taps him on the head with the hurl.

“Silly Pebbles, the answer is A Clock!” Woody tells him.

Pebbles goes back to the Enchantress and tells her the answer but……..?