Penelope’s Surprise

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Dún Laoghaire, 5th Class, 14 June 2017

Penelope the unicorn was making a sandwich. She thought about what she wanted for her birthday.

she really wanted a rabbit called Sue.

But then, she saw someone who looked just like her in the window. At that moment, she screamed. 

“Oh no! I dropped my sandwhich,” she moaned.

Her mother walked in. She said, “You just wasted all the bread.” 

At that moment, Mr Tesco the rabbit bounced in.

“I hopped to the pet shop ealier and I saw a rabbit and she was really pretty.

Her name was Sue. It said it on the side of the cage.”

The next day was Penelope’s 11th birthday. 

Penelope was in their living room. Her mother walked in with a pink box.

Penelope opened it and it was Sue the rabbit in her cage.

“Waaaaaa!” Penelope cried.

She dropped the cage on the floor and screamed, “I can see another me in the cage!”...