The Pengest Munch: Episode 17

​Brittas Bay National School, 5th class, County Wicklow, 22 March 2017

Trevor the Anandos restaurant owner called his friend Chicken Conosewer and said:

 “Yo man will you come and taste this Anandos chicken?”  

“It’s peng!”  

“Wear a new pair of Air Max 2017’s and meet me outside Anandos in Dublin.”

Chicken Conosewer said: 

“It will be episode 17 of the pengest munch!”

“Fam, it’ll be a mad ting!” Trevor replied.

Chicken Conosewer jumped in his car to meet his friend, Trevor, on O’Connell Street.  

He first stopped off at JD Sports to buy his new Air Max 2017s. 

Chicken Conosewer tried his new trainers on and they didn’t fit!  Too big!!  

Trevor was waiting outside in his Lamborghini getting angry.  

Chicken Conosewer came out of the shop with his new crepes and stepped in dog poo     

He flew into a rage and kicked the wall. 

He kicked off his crepes into the road …