Penguin's Secret

St Brigid's Girls National School, Glasnevin, 8 September 2011
 There was once an old woman named Penguin with a son called Nora.

Nora didn’t know his mother ate children. She looked like a perfectly normal person. Penguin did not allow Nora to bring his friends home, because she was afraid she might eat them.

One day, Nora was down on his knees pleading with his Mum.

“Please. Please. Please.  Let me bring my best friend home.”

“Well, he might be tasty,” said Penguin. “Oh no, what am I saying…?”

“What do you mean Mum?  That he might be tasty?” Nora asked, bewildered.


“Oh! Dinner’s burning!” exclaimed Penguin, trying to cover up her secret.

“But dinner is not even on, Mum,” Nora called but Penguin had already left the room.

 She headed to the secret room in the basement where she normally dined on the tastiest of children. She kept children there so she could fatten them up and make them extra YUMMY!

The secret room had a secret passage that was very cold, and dark and wet. There were thirty or more cages, full of screaming children.

She licked her lips and opened up one of the cages…