Pete The Bin-Eater

Francis Street CBS, 5th Class, 14 December 2016 

Pete fell. He was sleepwalking when he heard Degi, his blue monster best friend, crying.

He was having a nightmare about pigeons. 

When Pete woke up, he thought that he was a pigeon but then he said to himself, “Naaah, that’s not real.”

He walked to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He looked in the mirror and realised he had a beak, no teeth, a bald head, and beady eyes. 

He screamed, “Aagggghhh, I’m a pigeon!!!” and jumped out the window in fear. 

Then Pete realised that he could fly and started singing, “I believe I can fly.” 

Just then, Pete’s wing snapped and he landed in a bin.

Then Degi walked past. He had been walking to the shop and was taking a shortcut.

Suddenly, he saw a pigeon fall from the sky and started laughing.

He asked the pigeon, “What does the bin taste like?”

“It tastes like a load of old gone-off salmon,” Pete replied. “Thanks for the help, mate.”

Degi said, “Who are you?” 

Pete replied, “It’s Pete! Your best bro.”

“Yeah right, Prove it!” Degi exclaimed...