The Pig of Paris

Alexandra College, Milltown, 6th Class, Fighting words wicklow 25 February 2021

Shaniqua really wanted to go to Paris, so she got on her moped and went to Sam’s house. When she got to Sam’s house, she couldn’t find him anywhere.

She looked under the sink, in his bed and in the fridge! Then, she heard a noise coming from the bathroom.

She thought to herself “Sam can wait, let me just get some stuff from the fridge.” 

So, being the literal queen she was, she opened the fridge and took out a big slice of chocolate cake.

Just as she was about to eat the slice of cake, she heard a ringing from her bag and she took out her tiny, pink flip-phone.

It was Sam. Sam sounded very panicked and told her someone had broken into his house, and that he could hear them in the kitchen.

She said, “Stop worrying, silly, it’s just me.”

Sam stormed out of the bathroom, grabbed the slice of cake, and started eating it in front of her.

Shaniqua then said, “Stop it, Sam!”

She ran out of the house, screaming and crying, and saying she wanted her cake back. Sam was laughing and followed her out. 

He asked, “What did you even come here for?”

She said, “Well, I came to ask you to come to Paris with me, but now that you’ve been so mean I don’t think I want you to come anymore!”

Sam said, “Fine then! I won’t come!”

He drove away on his unicycle. Shaniqua tried to follow Sam, but her moped was too slow and Sam was too fast on his unicycle.

She got out her pink flip-phone and she booked a plane ticket to go to Paris. Sam wasn’t paying attention to the road, and he fell into the river.

When Shaniqua finally got seated on the plane, she got a call - it was the hospital...