Pigeon Guidebook: How to Make a Living

Sandford Parish National School, Ranelagh 4th Class 27th September, 2011
Super Pigeon was obsessed with roulette and poker but he lived in a dumpster in downtown Dublin.

His best friend was Super Pig, who could explode with gases because he loved to eat beans and cabbage.

Super Pigeon could not afford a flight to Las Vegas, so he decided to make money by setting up a super lemonade stall selling super lemonade that gave people the power to fly.

He didn’t make enough money from his lemonade stall, so he then decided instead to make money by saving people.

Super Pigeon’s powers were his pure steel wings and laser eye vision.  He could even adjust his height.

But one day Lady Gaga - WITH NO MAKEUP -  confronted him and took all his powers.

Lady Gaga combined three of his fears: doorbells, Lady Gaga herself and tummy tickles.

Super Pigeon told Super Pig to push someone off a building so that he can could save them and make some money.

Lady Gaga started singing without auto-tuning and the noise was terrible. The person Super Pig pushed off the building fell onto Lady Gaga and stopped her from singing.