Piggy Doodle and the Carrots of Doom

Presentation Primary School Terenure​, 3rd Class, 20 May 2019

Once upon a time, there was a pig called Piggy Doodle who lived in a house.

Piggy Doodle had a sidekick – he was a dog called Cat.

All Piggy Doodle ever wanted was to have a pool full of chocolate but his owners had other ideas.

Also, he was terrified of carrots.

On this day, Piggy Doodle was going to set off on his quest to find a pool full of chocolate.

But suddenly he found carrots all around the path. The carrots wanted to eat him!

Piggy Doodle got a pitchfork and started chasing the carrots.

The carrots got bigger and then they ran after Piggy Doodle.

Piggy Doodle got very tired and fell asleep. He started sleep-walking away from the carrots.

When he woke up, the carrots were gone.

So then Piggy Doodle went to find a pool of chocolate. He got the soonest train to London.

He found the pool of chocolate but when he got there the carrot leader was there with a pitchfork…