Piggy Madness

St Mary’s Boys National School, Maynooth, 2nd Class, 17 June 2015 
Once upon a time, Piggy Policeman was in his house.

He was thinking about his job. He was thinking about arresting the chicken called Mr. McMonkey.

Mr. McMonkey had robbed the Banana Bank and he had robbed the bananas from Piggy Policeman’s fridge. 

This made Piggy Policeman very, very, very angry.

Piggy Policeman was with his friend, Porkchop Policeman.

They were watching piggy American football.

They cheered when their team, Piggy United, scored against Piggypool.

They decided to take the train to Monkeyville which was near Ashtown.

Mr. McMonkey lived there in a treehouse.

The train was delayed and they had to wait for an hour and twenty-five minutes.

“This is the worst day ever! We are stuck on this train,” said Piggy Policeman.

Porkchop Policeman replied, “We need backup.”

There was a walking chocolate banana hiding under Piggy Policeman’s seat. Piggy Policeman was afraid of walking chocolate bananas.

The walking chocolate banana jumped out from under the seat and scared the pork out of them...