Piggy-Power Goes to the Temple of the Golden Banana

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch, Ballymun, 2nd Class. 22nd September 2011
One morning Piggy-Power, the super pig, heard someone calling for help.

illustration story 1 He looked out of the window and saw Róisín his neighbour. She had been kidnapped by an evil toilet.

He spun around to make a transporter hole to go and rescue her. 

First, he went to pick up Superpup, his best friend.

illustration story 2When they got there it was too late. The evil toilet had escaped to his secret lair! Superpup noticed a trail of blue toilet water. 

It was leading up to the mountain where the Temple of the Golden Banana was.

“I’ll rescue you!” screamed Piggy-Power to the world. He started to run up the Sugar Loaf but slipped in a pool of water.

Superpup picked him up and they made their way to rescue Roisin…