Piggy War

St Vincent de Paul Infant School Marino, 1st Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 5th March 2020

There was a piggy who was very fat who was called Georgie. He wore a prince outfit.

When Georgie tried to sleep, he was too fat and he accidentally rolled off the bed.

Georgie liked to go to the supermarket with his best friend Jeffrey.

It was Valentine’s Day. Georgie wanted to buy lipstick for his girlfriend, Lipstick.

Then it was Christmas and Georgie wanted to buy a present for his friend Jeffrey. He bought a toy car.

Georgie started to eat healthy to impress Lipstick, but he loved chocolate so much that it didn’t really work out for him.

Then Jojo zoomed in on his trolley, bashing everyone and Georgie.

Jojo robbed the lipstick off Georgie because he wanted to marry Lipstick too.

Then Lipstick fell into a well...