Pimp My Shell - Snail Version

Bayside Senior School, 4th Class, 27th April 2009
There was a snail and he lived in the sewers.  His name was Super Snail.  He was a hobo snail because his shell was broken.

His Mam and Dad had been eaten in France – they were served on a golden platter. 

His greatest ambition was to go on Pimp My Shell so he would have a new home.  His best friends Belmo and Arnie were friends with the producers of Pimp My Shell.  Super Snail did not know this.

In two weeks it was going to be Super Snail’s birthday.  He was going to be really really old, so old he wasn’t even sure anymore exactly how old he was.

Belmo and Arnie came from France to visit Super Snail. Luckily for Super Snail, Belmo and Arnie were allergic to snails – they could not eat them. 

“What would you like for your birthday,” Belmo asked Super Snail quietly.

“As always, as I have told you, I want to go on Pimp My Shell,” replied Super Snail.

Arnie said “ Well actually, we do know…”

“Shhhhhhh,” said Belmo interrupting his speech and tapping him on the shoulder.  “Wait for another two weeks.”

Super Snail was suspicious.  He decided to go around spying on his friends. As he was slithering around after them, he slimed his way into some saltinite.  What was left of his shell began to dissolve.

“Noooooooooooo!!!” he screamed in terror. 

Belmo and Arnie were walking by a restaurant and heard a tiny voice screaming.  They were very confused.  They did not know if it was Super Snail or a regular slug.

Super Snail looked up at them and tried to speak.

“Belmo and Arnie,” he croaked. 

They looked down at the ground and saw Super Snail without his shell....