Pink the Flamingo & the Crocodile Army Attack

Gaelscoil Phadraig, Ballybrack, 1st & 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 15th September 2021

Pink the Flamingo was at the river drinking water. While he was drinking the water, he was dreaming about socks. His feet were really cold. 

He was too busy drinking water and dreaming about socks that he didn’t see the crocodile coming.

This was where he got his fear of crocodiles.

Before the crocodile could eat Pink, his best friend, Blue the Bird, came to save him.

“Watch out!” screamed Blue. “There’s a crocodile!”

Pink got a big fright and ran away.

He ran all the way to his house high up in the trees where the crocodiles couldn’t get him.

Blue followed him home.

“That crocodile was really scary,” said Pink.

“You’re alright,” replied Blue.

Pink tried to leave his house but he was just too scared because of the crocodiles...