The Pink Giraffe Incident

Gaelscoil an Bhradain Feasa​, 4th class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 22nd January 2020

There once lived an eyebrow called Paul.  He really wanted to get a job in an office in Dublin Zoo.

On his way to the interview he got really nervous.  He fell over and his eyebrow suddenly got very bushy. 

Suddenly, out of the blue, an eyelash arrived, her name was Billie Eyelash!

“Hi, have you heard about me, I’m a pop star” she said.

“I don’t care, just help me up....But.. hey girlfriend!!”

(As Billie was helping Paul up he had noticed that she was beautiful!)

When Paul had been to eyebrow school they told him he was very intelligent and that he would be well able to do a job.  He remembered the interview..

Paul jumped on to Billie’s eyelash, she blinked and he went flying as far as the Zoo.

He landed on the ground where a pink giraffe was having a picnic.  Suddenly his mind was racing…