Pinky’s Revenge

St. Fiachra’s SNS, 6th class, 21st September 2020

One dark and stormy night, Pinky the Marshmallow was walking down the road.

Suddenly, someone randomly picked him up and put him in the bin. 

“I never saw this strange fate coming,” thought Pinky.

He never thought he would die this way. 

When he was thrown into the bin, he splatted so hard he nearly exploded.

Next thing he knew he woke up but he wasn’t the same. 

He looked up in the sky, the sun was shining but when he looked down, he couldn’t see his body. 

He went looking for help. Suddenly, he heard rustling beside him in the bin.

There was a hamster in front of him. 

“Hello, who are you?” said Pinky. 

Pinky went over to the hamster who was lying down.

He wasn’t sure if he was dead or asleep...