Pinky and the Evil Shoe

​Belgrove Infant Girls’ School, Clontarf, 1st Class, 21 May 2015
One day there was a cupcake with a magical cherry called Pinky.

She had an imaginary friend who she wanted to come true.

Pinky’s magical cherry that made the whole village happy.

She accidentaly cursed the village with her magical cherry and a BIG angry shoe came who was the King of Evilness.

Then Sprinkles the doughnut came to help defeat the King of Evilness.

When they had their plan ready, Sprinkles the doughnut decided that they will use the unicorn that shoots ice cream to defeat the king.

Pinky’s greatest wish was to have a pet unicorn that shoots out ice cream from its horn.

“I’m happy that I have my friends to help me defeat the evil shoe!” said Pinky.

Then Pinky said, “But the unicorn costs €1,000. HOW are we supposed to get it?”...