The Plan to Get the Rainbow Back

Scoil Mhuire Junior, Blakestown, 2nd Class, 17 April 2012
Once upon a time, Cheese the Leprechaun was in Cheeseland visiting his parents.

He was making a cake with his friend, Patches the horse. 

Cheese said to Patches in a Scottish accent, “Ooo, Patches, I’m afraid of the cheese anaconda!”

“Neighhh, don’t mind about that, let’s make the cheesecake,” replied Patches, picking spiders up off the floor and eating them.  

They were making cheesecake to make a new rainbow because Cheese’s old rainbow had gotten all brown and tattered. Rainbows are the source of a leprechaun’s power.

“Come on, help me pick up the cheesecake,” Cheese said to Patches. 

“But we can’t go because there’s a cheese anaconda outside!” Patches exclaimed.

“Let’s go back to the house and make disguises so we look like cheese anacondas,” said Cheese.

Cheese said to Patches, “Where’s my pot of gold? We need money to buy our disguises.” 
“I thought I gave it to you!” Patches replied.

Cheese and Patches opened the door of the house and saw the anaconda outside slithering away with the pot of gold. 

“You silly old horse, you lost my pot of gold!” Cheese said as they set off home to think of a plan.