The Planet Bus

Mother of Divine Grace NS, Dublin 11, 6th Class, 12 March 2012
One day Bongo the penguin was at home in the pet orphanage watching a programme about space on television.

His best friend, Hunky the monkey was with him.

Lucy the hippo came up to them with some of her friends.  She said, “Your ma and da are up there right now laughing at you because you’re a failure at life!”
Lucy and her friends started laughing at Bongo.
Bongo was feeling confused – he was annoyed but hopeful that his parents might be alive. 

 Bongo ran out the door and Hunky chased after him.

“Don’t mind her, Bongo. You’re not a failure,” said Hunky.

“Thanks. Do you think that they really might still be alive?” asked Bongo.

“We should find out!” answered Hunky.

Bongo and Hunky knew that they had to make a plan to escape the orphanage and go into space.