Plastic Disaster

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, 6th Class, 23rd September 2019

There once was a scrunchie named Hammy. She was a beautiful, vibrant red.

Hammy lived on VSCO Island.

She had a best friend called AndI-Oop, who was a green and blue hydro-flask with turtles on her.

The ocean surrounding VSCO Island was infested with plastic straws and plastic bottles.

Hammy’s greatest wish was to save the world from plastic straws.

Hammy and AndI-Oop were on the beach with palm trees and a hammock.

“SKSKSKSKSKSK,” said AndI-Oop to Hammy.

“SKSKSKSKSK,” replied Hammy to AndI-Oop, “Look at that island opposite us. It’s filled with bobbins and pollution.”

“Oh, my oop!” said AndI-Oop.

They made a plan to adopt a turtle that would swim them over to the island to start their mission in saving the planet from plastic straws and pollution.

Little did they know, Master Bobby Bobbin had an army of henchmen who would swarm them once they reached the island...