Polly and Squirt’s Great Adventure

St.Eithne’s Girls National School, Edenmore, 5th Class, 8th June 2015
There once was a fish named Polly. Polly couldn’t swim! She met a turtle named Squirt.

Squirt was swimming past her, saw her and felt sorry for Polly because she couldn’t swim.

Since then, Squirt always gave Polly rides on his shell and they became best friends.

Polly’s fear was being eaten by Seán the Shark. This shark had bitten off her fins and so she couldn’t swim.

She had to move to Australia to get an operation to try and fix her fins.

She asked Squirt “Squirt, will you please bring me to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?”

“Yes, of course! Just let me get my supplies – pizza!” replied Squirt. He would protect her the whole way.

On their way to get pizza, Seán the Shark appeared out of nowhere and said “ Where is my knife and fork? It’s lunchtime!”

“Oh you can share our pizza” said Squirt. Squirt didn’t realise that this shark was the one who had hurt Polly.

“No....I’ll have you instead!” said the shark.