Polo and His Friends' Aventure

St. Joseph's, 23rd June 2009
Polo, the  marshmallow dog, was scared of the sun. And then the sun exploded!

He went to the North Pole, where he met a chocolate polar bear. A rat named Billy ate the polar bear.

Then two dogs and a skunk came out. The skunk farted and stunk up the North Pole.

Polo fell into the ice, which was actually hot chocolate! Billy kept on shooting the ice.

Polo was stuck in the ice, which was actually hot chocolate. He was beginning to melt. He tried to fly out of it, but he was stuck.

Billy called the friendly lion to help. He pulled Polo out of the hot chocolate. He didn’t eat Polo because he was friendly.

But then Polo and the friendly lion fell back in. Billy called out, “Dolphins and Whales, help!”, but they didn’t come.

Billy found a sausage on the ice. He tied it to a rope, threw it to his friends, and pulled them out of the hot chocolate. When they got out, they said, “Thanks!"

They were lucky because they were almost too late, and Polo had nearly melted.