Pork Chop

Ballyroan BNS, Rathfarnham, 4th Class,  Fighting Words Wicklow 24 November 2020

One day Dave the pig was having his breakfast when the bowl of cereal spilled all over him.

The spoon fell onto his trousers and because it was a spoon, he ran and ran around the table until it fell off.

Just when his best friend George the porch was about to knock on the door, Dave jumped out the window and they crashed into each other.

Just when the bumped heads, George the porch said “sorry,” and Dave the pig said, “it’s okay.”

Then they heard a loud crash.

Dave the pig’s owner, who was a karate teacher, yelled, “what’s going on?” they looked outside and their arch nemesis was outside, the Spoon King making bacon out of his friends.

George the porch came out and fought with the spoon. But who will win ...