A Potion Gone Wrong

Gardiner Street Primary School, 3rd Class, 2 October 2017 

One day a scientist called Fria went to her cabinet. She wanted to make her best friend, Max the dog, into a human.

Fria made a potion. She wanted to make a potion to turn the dog into a human but by accident it made the dog talk!

Fria was amazed. She was the first scientist to make a dog talk.

“How did this happen?” said Max the dog.

“I’m sorry, it was an accident. I spilled the wrong potion!” said Fria.

The next day Fria went to competition show ‘Scientists Got Talent’.

When she entered the stage, she felt that something was strange…..Max the Dog was turning into different colours!

​Fria was freaking out. She decided to take Max on a walk…