Princess Claire

St Joseph's GNS, Finglas West, 2nd Class, 23 November 2009
There once was a princess whose name was Claire.

One day she was sitting in the sitting room of her palace with her best friend, a puppy called Snowball.

Her Mam and Dad, the king and queen, called her for her dinner.

“Claire, come in for your dinner! We’re having potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, spaghetti and chicken and meat!” the queen called.

“No, I don’t want that much dinner. I don’t like brussels sprouts,” Claire said angrily.

“Stop being bold!” the king said.

“Come down and eat your dinner!” the queen shouted.

Claire marched into her bedroom loudly and slammed the door. Snowball barked. “Woof-woof-woof!” she said.

“Snowball, you stay here. Don’t tell my parents I am going to sneak out to use my friend Lily’s laptop,” Claire said.

“OK,” Snowball said. “I’ll stay here in your bedroom and take a little nap while you go.”

Claire grabbed her coat and began to tip-toe out the door when she remembered it was dark outside.

“Oh no, it’s dark out. I’ll have to get a torch from the basement,” she said to herself.