Priority Schmigg

NDNSP, 6th Class, 12th June 2009
Tómas is in the bath at home in Japan and he gets a phone call from his yodel teacher.

His yodel teacher says, “Come to Ireland to get your yodeler’s degree.”

Tómas replies, “Ah sure, why not, sure!”

The yodel teacher exclaims, “Sorry, who am I talking to? I dozed off for a moment.”

Tómas gets on a plane to Ireland as soon as he can.

Unfortunately, during a hurricane, the plane has to make a sudden landing in Russia instead of Ireland

Meanwhile, Schmigg the black dog, who is in the Russian Mafia, is sitting in bar, sipping a hot toddy and smoking a Cuban cigar.

A Japanese tourist comes in the bar and he asks for directions to Phibsborough...