Prisoner of Love

Sunbeam House, Bray, 29 August 2017

A tale of action and romance featuring Olly Murs and Ronan O’Gara

One morning in Cork, Sam got up. He brushed his teeth, got his breakfast, brushed his hair, and got dressed into his work clothes (a suit).

Sam got into his Audi and drove to Dublin. When he got out of his car, a stranger grabbed him and put a black bag over his head.

Sam woke up in a prison cell and started crying. His kidnapper, Peter-Daniel O’Brien, came over and said, “Don’t be banging in the cell. And stop yer cryin’!”

Sam had a baseball bat in his room and whacked Peter-Daniel O’Brien over the head and grabbed his keys.

It was a huge big bunch of keys but luckily the first key tried got him out. The key worked.

Sam left the prison cell and saw a McDonalds in front of him. He went in and saw a phone on the counter. The phone was ringing. He answered it.

“Hey Olly! This is Neil O’Brien. I work in the Three Arena. I’m a security guard. Can you please hurry up?! I’ve been waiting here half an hour. Get yer skates on!!”

“Sorry, you got through to the wrong person. My name is Sam.”

“Okay, Sam. Put Olly on the phone,” Neil said.

“Hold on I’ll try to find him. I’m going to put you on hold,” Sam replied.

Sam looked around and saw Ronan O’Gara serving Chicken McNuggets, fries, and a Fanta to Olly Murs.

Sam walked up to Olly and said, “I love you, I’m a big fan! Can I have your autograph, a hug and your phone number? And by the way, someone is on the phone for you.”

Olly said to Ronan O’Gara, “Can I have that to go, please?”

Ronan O’Gara giggled and Olly rushed off, saying to himself, “I’m playing tonight….”

Rebecca goes to an Olly Murs concert and falls in love.