The Problem Before Christmas

St Francis of Assisi Primary School, Belmayne, 3rd Class, 20 December 2017

One day Zoey the Elf was in Santa’s workshop. Everyone started laughing at her because Evil Piggy Wiggy threw a pie in her face.

Evil Piggy Wiggy must have gotten through the defence system. Santa came in with his two elf guards.

Santa said, “Throw him out!”

Evil Piggy Wiggy flew away by hopping into his Evil Piggy Wiggy jet. Everyone was busy working on the workshop floor, so they didn’t notice.

Zoey thought, “How did he get in through the defence system? Maybe there is a traitor!”

She went into the vent system and saw that the wires had been cut so that Evil Piggy Wiggy could get through. 
Zoey decided to try to fix the wires and get the security system back up so Evil Piggy Wiggy couldn’t come back.

She set up little elf security cameras that looked like Christmas decorations hanging off the ceiling.

Zoey met Turkey Sandwich, her best friend who was a pig, at the top floor of the toy shop. 
Zoey said, “This is really embarrassing, because Piggy Wiggy threw a pie in my face. Everyone was laughing at me.”

“Maybe we can go out somewhere quiet so we can talk about it,” Turkey Sandwich replied.

​Zoey went over to Turkey Sandwich’s pigpen.

Zoey said to Turkey Sandwich, “I need to go because my face is really, really, really dirty. I need to get cleaned up.”

She went into the bathroom and Turkey Sandwich asked her if she was okay.

“Give me a minute,” Zoey said. 
Just then, Evil Piggy Wiggy pushed a button in his jet.

In Turkey Sandwich’s bathroom, Zoey thought she was just standing on a loose tile, but it was really a lever for a trap door that swung open.

Zoey fell down into the sewer…