The Puppies Who Can Talk

St Georges National School Balbriggan 3rd Class 14 September 2011
Once upon a time, there was a girl called Jane whose greatest wish was for her family to be famous.

She had five brothers, five sisters and two puppies, called Dracula and Poodle.

One day the family moved into a new house which used to belong to a wizard. The two puppies explored the house and found a magic potion under a bed.

The potion was green, purple, pink and turquoise. The puppies drank it and were able to talk.

Dracula said, “I can talk”.

Poodle said, “I can’t believe my voice actually sounds like this!” It was really squeaky and loud.

At that moment, Jane walked into the room and looked around in confusion.

“Is there anyone here?” she asked.

Dracula said, “We’re here. It’s us talking.” 

Jane screamed, “Oh my goodness -  talking puppies. This could make us famous!”

The puppies got so excited that they ran around and accidentally knocked over another potion.

This potion was white, indigo, black and gold. It ran across the floor and covered a toy snake. Suddenly the toy snake turned into a 12 metre long poisonous cobra.