Purple the mermaid

Junior Infants, Virgin Mary Girls’ National School, Ballymun, 30 May 2019

Purple the mermaid lived in the sea. She can swim, she’s really good at swimming.

She likes to play mermaid tag, mermaid hide-and-seek, and mermaid ball.

She’s best friends with a fish called Goldie.

Goldie is orange.

Purple the mermaid wants a pet.

Rainbow the mermaid dog was hiding in the coral.

‘Who owns that pet’ asked Purple. ‘Look at the collar!’ Goldie says.

The mermaid dog is from a mermaid castle.

She lives there with lots of other mermaids.

The castle is in the sea in another country.

The sea is warm and really far away.

In the castle lives a mermaid king, mermaid queen, mermaid cat, mermaid bird and the mermaid dog.