The Quackle of Ikea

St. Fiachras SNS 6th Class 1 June 2011
Gockshweden the wizard is running to the hospital to give birth to his duck.

He would like to give birth at home, but his lamp wand is out of battery.

While he is running to the hospital a duck head pops out of his belly button and says “Quack!”.

Gockshweden is evil, so he is very happy with his evil duck son, Quacktus. They want to take over all of Ikea together from their evil lair in the basement.

First they have to defeat the Good King Goose, who lives in the lighting department.

“Duck, I am your father. Finally we can take over the world together!” says Gockshweden.

“I love you daddy,” quacks the duck in a southern accent.

Gockshweden starts training the duck in evilness and combat with the help of his best friend, Jibbly-Joe.

“We must train this duck to never befriend a goose,” says the wizard.

“Yes, my most evil master,” replies Jibbly-Joe, swishing his funny red hair. “We will train him to defeat the Good King Goose in a duel.”
Quacktus the duck completes his training.

“Your first mission will be to go to the lighting department and charge my lamp wand,” says Gockshweden.

“That’s quackers!” says Quacktus.

He is fearless as he goes up in the lift. When the doors open the Good King Goose is standing there waiting for him.