The Quest for Chilis

St. Pat’s NS, Drumcondra, 4th Class, 19th March 2021

My name is Bonzo. I fly around the world and look for chilis to put on my ice-cream.

One day while I was flying, I flew into a storm and I plummeted to the ground. 

I looked around and realised I was in Rat City.

The buildings were made out of rubbish bins and everybody was eating cheese.

I looked up and I saw a big sign saying “Welcome to Ratican City”. 

I saw a shop nearby and walked over to it. It was a butcher shop.

I looked inside and I saw a rat and he was being chased by an extremely angry butcher. 

“Stop chasing me!” said the rat.

“Leave him alone!” I shouted. 

I sneaked behind the butcher and picked up a big net.

As I went I threw the net over the butcher with the help of the rat.

Suddenly I heard a door opening behind me.

I turned around and I saw somebody staring straight at me with a cleaver in his hand...