The Quest for the Golden Bagel

Scoil Mobhí, Glasníon, 4th Class, Wednesday 25th January, 2012
One day, Freddy the Four-Footed Frog was tap dancing by McDonald’s when he saw his best friend, Terry the Tomato. 

Terry was crying because he thought he was going to be put in a burger.

He saw Harry the Hobo holding the chief chopping knife, smiling with an evil grin.

Terry cried out to Freddy, “Oh no! I’m going to be eaten!”

Freddy ran to save his friend. 

But little did he know that Harry had dynamite in his backpack. Harry stuck the TNT in a Big Mac.

KABBOOOMMMM!!!! Terry the Tomato screamed like a little girl.

Freddy and Terry decided they were going to rebuild McDonald’s, but they needed one thing…


“What will we do?” asked Freddy.

Then he realised that Terry was having a seedzure...