The Quest To See Who’s Best

​Tyrellstown Educate Together National School, 3rd Class, 8 June 2016 

Once upon a time on a cold, windy Christmas Eve, a  cheetah named Tom escaped from his home. 

Tom did not want to get any Christmas presents  - that was his biggest fear!

The only Christmas present he wanted was to get married.

When Tom escaped, he found a hyena called Harry. 

“Hello, I am Harry, the king of hyenas,” said Harry. 

“I am a king too,” said Tom. 
“I heard there’s a competition for who the best king is,” said Harry. 

“What is the prize?” Tom asked. 

“The loser has to go on an expedition to find a wife for the winner,” Harry explained.

Tom was astonished when he heard this, but he was also nervous because he lied about being a king!

The next morning, on Christmas Day, the competition started. All the animals in the jungle came to watch. 

Harry was also afraid of Christmas presents so they were both surprised when they found out that they had to give each other Christmas presents..