The Race to the Elixir

Presentation Girl’s School, 4th class, County Wicklow, 8th January 2020

One foggy morning, Joseph, an elderly man, woke up and ate breakfast. He had Weetabix and tea with his only daughter, Emily.

Suddenly his piranha fish, Paddy, grew in size and bit his daughter.

“Oww”, she roared.  Joseph jumped up and tried to help her. 

When he jumped up, poor Joseph strained his back.  He wished his poor wife, Miss McAtaney, was there for him but she had died last year.

All of a sudden, Bob, his pet pug dog ran in through the door.  He jumped on the piranha and stamped on its face with his paw.

Paddy fought back and bit Bob’s tail.

“Bob, Paddy, STOP do that!!”  Joseph shouted.

“Dad, you should know that it’s “stop doING that”. 

And by the way, could you bring me to the hospital.

“OK Emily, I’ll take hospital to you”

Emily said “you know you should say “I’ll take you to the hospital!”

At the hospital while Emily was being treated, he saw a book about an elixir that can bring people back to life for a day. 

He thought about his wife and how they had loved to dance.  How he’d love to dance with her one last time! ….