Rashers for Breakfast

Dublin 7 Educate Together National School,6th Class, 28th September 2015
It was a dark and stormy night and Pip the toddler was watching Teletubbies.

Suddenly she heard “tap, tap, tap” on the window. It was the most evil thing she’s ever seen: IT WAS A PIGEON.

Pip jumped under her bed in fear, she’d always been scared of pigeons.


Thankfully, Phillip the unicorn was under the bed having a midnight feast.

“Hey mon, you want some rashers? They’re really good”,said Phillip.

“I’m a vegetarian” replied Pip “and that reminds me, I’m on a mission to kidnap that evil pig, Rashers”.

Phillip the unicorn was confused, “Why, mon, would you want to go after Rashers?” he asked.

Pip the toddler started shouting, “HE LET THOSE EVIL PIGEONS IN MY BEDROOM!

Now I want revenge...”